Fast door to door container shipping

In May 2021, Shanghai Bourbon Import and Export Co., LTD., knowing   our strong strength (in terms of customs clearance and container        handling at home and abroad), entrusted our company to transport a    large number of down jackets to the Walmart warehouse in the United   States, with a total of 1.17 million pieces of down jackets, which were  required to be delivered to the designated warehouse within one month  after delivery. Our company immediately set up a clothing project team of 7 people, which controlled the whole process from factory pick-up to   back-end delivery. From June to October, there were 4 cabinets a week, and 18 cabinets a month.


We started to make a series of plans for the customer after we took this project. We arranged a 17.5 meter truck to pick up the goods from the Jiangsu factory and transport them to our company's warehouse in Shenzhen for loading. Then we arranged personnel to count the quantity and model and make records. After arriving at the destination port, import customs declaration will be carried out, and a trailer will be arranged to pick up the container and transport it to the Walmart      warehouse.

The project team keeps statistics on product quantity, delivery time, loading time, arrival time and transportation time to the designated warehouse every day. They are planning how to let customers receive goods more safely and quickly within the specified time.

Finally, the project was successfully completed in early October. Although we were affected by the epidemic during the process, all 1.17 million down jackets were safely and quickly delivered to the customer. The customer also thanked us for safely sending his goods to the designated warehouse within the specified time.


The cooperation between our company and Shanghai Bourbon Import and Export Co., Ltd. is also very harmonious, which will promote the success of this project.