• Efficient Canadian Ocean Shipping

    Efficient Canadian Ocean Shipping

    Canada is a major economic country that focuses on export trade, so maritime transportation plays an important role in Canada’s economy. Canadian shipping mainly refers to the transportation method of transporting goods from China to Canada through ports and waterways.

    ① Cheap shipping costs
    Ocean freight is a cheaper mode of transportation compared to air and land transportation. Especially for long-distance transportation of large quantities of goods, the cost of sea transportation has a more significant advantage.
    ②Suitable for large-volume transportation
    Sea transport can transport a large amount of goods at one time, unlike air transport and land transport which can only transport a small amount of goods. Therefore, many sellers now transport large quantities of goods by sea transport.
    ③Safe and stable
    The safety advantages of maritime transportation are mainly reflected in aspects such as loading and unloading, transportation, navigation and stability. The transportation environment at sea is relatively stable, and there is no danger of collision or rollover. GPS positioning and tracking can ensure the safety of goods.
    ④Stable aging
    The whole sea voyage takes about 30 days, with high timeliness and stability and strong time controllability.
    ⑤Transportation type
    Maritime transportation has a wide range of types. Whether it is large equipment or small commercial goods, whether it is bulk goods or full containers and cargo, it can be transported through dedicated ocean lines. The dedicated ocean lines will also provide special packaging and protection for different types of goods. Measures to ensure the safety of goods during transportation

    In general, Canadian ocean shipping is a low-cost, large-volume shipping method with global coverage. However, before carrying out sea transportation, you still need to make a budget plan and pay attention to the packaging of goods, so as to ensure the efficiency and low cost of sea transportation.

  • China Freight Forwarder of European sea freight

    China Freight Forwarder of European sea freight

    What is European sea freight?
    European sea freight refers to a logistics method for transporting goods from China and other places to various European countries. It is an economical and affordable transportation method because the cost of sea freight is relatively low and large quantities of goods can be transported at one time.

    ①European shipping costs are low, which can help customers save logistics costs;
    ②Although the transportation time is long, large quantities of goods can be transported at one time;
    ③Maritime transportation is relatively environmentally friendly and conforms to the green environmental protection concept of modern society;
    ④Comprehensive services can be provided, including cargo loading and unloading, warehousing, customs declaration, distribution and other services. Freight forwarders can provide customized services according to customer needs to ensure smooth transportation of goods to their destinations.

    sea freight

  • Oversized Products’Logistics

    Oversized Products’Logistics

    What is an oversized product?
    Oversized products refer to goods that are large in size and weight and cannot be disassembled or assembled. These goods include large machinery and equipment, industrial equipment, heavy machinery, aerospace equipment, energy equipment, building structures, etc., which require the use of special vehicles. To transport large items.

    Why does oversized logistics exist?
    Due to the size and weight limitations of oversized products, these goods cannot be transported by ordinary transportation methods and require special logistics solutions and professional equipment to meet their transportation needs. This is why the existence of oversized logistics is inevitable.

    Sea transportation

  • European international small parcel

    European international small parcel

    European International Parcel is a fast and economical way of international mailing, especially suitable for sending small items. Especially now that many sellers want to save transportation costs and avoid risks, European International Parcel is a good choice.
    European international small parcels refer to items whose weight is within 2KG and whose maximum size does not exceed 900ml. They are sent by express delivery to postal services in Europe and other countries using international postal protocols.
    international express delivery services

  • Professional British Trucks Freight

    Professional British Trucks Freight

    British Trucks Freight refers to a land transportation mode that uses large trucks as a means of transportation to collect goods from China, load them into containers, and then transport the goods to the United Kingdom. In short, it means using a car to transport a container of goods throughout the entire journey. , logistics methods of transport to the UK along highways and intercontinental roads by truck.
    As the number of international exports of goods continues to increase, the development of British special lines has become more and more comprehensive. With the maturity and stability of British air dispatch, British Railways, and European Trucks Freight, British Trucks Freight has also gradually stabilized, with extremely high cost performance and faster timeliness than railways. Half the price, but the price is only half of that of British air dispatch, and it has gradually become the first choice for exporting goods.
    British Trucks Freight’s route : Shenzhen loading–Xinjiang Alashankou/Baktu/Khorgos port exit–Kazakhstan–Russia–Belarus–Poland–UK regulatory warehouse.

    British Trucks Freight

  • china freight forwarder Provide Russia special line services

    china freight forwarder Provide Russia special line services

    The Russian special line refers to the direct logistics transportation between Russia and China, that is, the direct logistics transportation methods such as air, sea, land and rail transportation from China to Russia.
    Generally, the Russian special line will provide services such as double-clearance tax package, door-to-door delivery, etc., covering the entire territory of Russia, and will be delivered quickly by the local area.
    International logistics


  • Top 10 Fast Freight Forwarder DDP To Mexico

    Top 10 Fast Freight Forwarder DDP To Mexico

    Mexico special line is a special line logistics service for domestic direct flights to Mexico.

    There is no transfer in the whole process and it goes directly to the destination. Mexico special line logistics has three channel lines: Mexico Air Line, Mexico Sea Line, and Mexico International Express.

    The delivery time depends on which channel line you choose.

    Among them, air freight logistics and sea freight logistics are used very frequently, because sea freight logistics is supported by Hainan Airlines, and the cargo volume is relatively large, but the timeliness will be relatively slow, while the timeliness of air freight logistics is relatively faster than sea freight.

  • Professional Shipping Agent Forwarder In China For The European and American

    Professional Shipping Agent Forwarder In China For The European and American

    The European and American special line is a point-to-point transportation freight logistics service line from China to European and American countries, that is, the European and American special line, which usually includes domestic customs clearance, foreign customs clearance, tax payment and other services, double-clearance to door, and one-ticket door-to-door service.

    Fast aging and low comprehensive price.

    The European and American special line is also the freight method chosen by cross-border e-commerce.

    Currently, the European and American special line has four modes: air freight, sea freight, rail freight, and China-Europe Truck.

  • Top 10 agent shipping forwarder to Australia

    Top 10 agent shipping forwarder to Australia

    The Australian special line mainly uses three channels: sea freight, air freight, and express delivery.

    Air freight and sea freight are used more often. Compared with sea freight, air freight has a faster timeliness.

    Most of the last leg is through local logistics or dedicated lines. The company’s local delivery service.

  • logistics freight forwarding for American special line small package

    logistics freight forwarding for American special line small package

    USPS small package is a high-quality small package service launched for cross-border e-commerce B2C sellers to mail packages below 2KG in the United States, especially suitable for Amazon, Ebay, Wish and Wal-Mart, Twitter, Facebook, Google, AliExpress and other online platform sellers to mail items that are light in weight and small in size. USPS is generally divided into two different services, one is: First Class, suitable for small packages with a single ticket weight within 0.448KG, and the other is: Priority Mail, suitable for single ticket packages within 2KG, and the service scope covers all regions of the United States. Our system has perfectly connected with the US customs express electronic pre-clearance system to improve the accuracy and timeliness of customs clearance. It has integrated high-end direct flights from Hong Kong and the priority transportation resources of local postal services in the destination country, which fully reflects that the USPS small package has high cost performance, convenient customs clearance, and Safe and efficient, fast pick-up of packages and other advantages; strive to meet the rigid requirements of major e-commerce platforms for delivery timeliness.

  • China Quick Freight Logistics to Thailand

    China Quick Freight Logistics to Thailand

    The full name of Thailand is “Kingdom of Thailand”, which is a constitutional monarchy country located in Southeast Asia. In the middle of the Indochina Peninsula, the west of Thailand borders the Andaman Sea and Myanmar in the north, Cambodia in the southeast, Laos in the northeast, and Malaysia in the south. The geographical location between Thailand and China makes the development of Thailand’s land transport line very smooth, which facilitates the trade between the two countries. The capital of Thailand is Bangkok, and the main cities are Bangkok and surrounding suburban industrial areas, Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Chiang Rai, Phuket, Samut Prakan, Songkhla, Hua Hin, etc.

  • International Shipping Logistics To UK

    International Shipping Logistics To UK

    The UK is one of the most developed economies in the world, with a superior geographical location for easy access to Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa. Relatively speaking, the service scope of the British international logistics line is relatively wide, mainly including air transportation, sea transportation, railway transportation, express delivery and other service methods, and supports global logistics transportation services. At the same time, the British International Logistics Line can also provide customers with one-stop logistics services, including cargo collection, commodity inspection, packing and transportation, cross-border customs declaration and other links.

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