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Mexico special line is a special line logistics service for domestic direct flights to Mexico.

There is no transfer in the whole process and it goes directly to the destination. Mexico special line logistics has three channel lines: Mexico Air Line, Mexico Sea Line, and Mexico International Express.

The delivery time depends on which channel line you choose.

Among them, air freight logistics and sea freight logistics are used very frequently, because sea freight logistics is supported by Hainan Airlines, and the cargo volume is relatively large, but the timeliness will be relatively slow, while the timeliness of air freight logistics is relatively faster than sea freight.

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  • Mexico air logistics

The timeliness of the air freight line is slower than that of the international express, and there are more goods to choose from. The air freight is a domestic direct flight to Mexico or a destination in Mexico. The enterprise places an order online, and the service provider picks up the package at the door, and arranges the delivery. It flies directly to Mexico via Hong Kong. After the local customs clearance is completed, it is handed over to a well-known local express company to arrange delivery. The whole process is fast and the delivery rate is high.

  • Mexico shipping line logistics

There are two options for sea freight LCL or FCL transportation. Compared with the other two special lines, the cost of sea freight is the lowest, but the timeliness will be slower, so you should reserve a little more time when you choose sea freight.

  • Mexico international express logistics

International express delivery mainly includes DHL, UPS, FEDEX.

Our advantage

1. Communication: Customize the appropriate transportation method according to the type of customer's goods, carefully check and communicate in a timely manner;

2. Warehousing: the company provides services such as warehousing, customs affairs, labeling and package replacement;

3. Reliable: 24 hours full tracking;

4. Efficiency: Reasonably grasp the logistics time and deliver on time; efficient overseas delivery efficiency and perfect after-sales service;

5. Professional: Years of practical experience in international transportation; safe customs clearance capabilities, self-owned customs clearance team, years of industry experience, and every detail of docking transportation.

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