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Sea freight LCL is an important part of the smart logistics portfolio, which saves freight, minimizes the customer’s inventory level, and improves the customer’s cash flow.

Our team of ocean freight professionals can advise you on LCL services that suit your needs.

In addition, your business will benefit from our global ocean freight logistics network, professional LCL services and exclusive LCL routes, thus providing you with a high level of voyage time reliability.

We are committed to helping you deliver on your commitments and achieve your goals by providing flexible, efficient and exclusive sea freight LCL services.

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LCL (short for LCL) is because a box with different owners of goods together, so called LCL. This situation is used when the shipper's consignment quantity is less than full container. The classification, sorting, centralization, packing (unpacking) and delivery of LCL cargo are all carried out at the carrier terminal container freight station or inland container transfer station.
LCL cargo is a relative term for full container cargo, which refers to small-ticket goods that are not filled with a full container.
This kind of goods is usually picked up by the carrier separately and collected at the container freight station or inland station, and then the goods of two or more tickets are assembled


LCL can be divided into direct consolidation or transfer consolidation. Direct consolidation means that the goods in the LCL container are loaded and unloaded at the same port, and the goods are not unpacked before they arrive at the destination port, that is, the goods are at the same unloading port. This kind of LCL service has a short delivery period and is convenient and fast. Generally, powerful LCL companies will only provide this kind of service. Transshipment refers to the goods in the container that are not at the same destination port, and need to be unpacked and unloaded or transshipped midway. Due to factors such as different destination ports and long waiting times for such goods, the shipping period is longer and the shipping cost is even higher.

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LCL operation process

  • The customer transmits the booking entrustment.
  • Wait for the LCL company to release the entrustment and pass it on to the customer.
  • Before the cut-off date, confirm whether the goods have entered the warehouse and whether the documents have been sent to the LCL company.
  • Check the small order sample with the customer two days before the sailing day.
  • Check the master order with the LCL company at one point before the sailing day.
  • Confirm the departure with the LCL company.
  • After the ship leaves, first confirm the cost with the LCL company, and then confirm the cost with the customer.
  • Mail the bill of lading and invoice after the customer's fee arrives (the bill of lading and invoice can only be mailed if the bill of lading and invoice are not mailed).
  • Before the ship arrives at the port, confirm with the customer whether the goods can be released, and the operation will be completed after the main bill is released.

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