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Canada is a major economic country that focuses on export trade, so maritime transportation plays an important role in Canada’s economy. Canadian shipping mainly refers to the transportation method of transporting goods from China to Canada through ports and waterways.

① Cheap shipping costs
Ocean freight is a cheaper mode of transportation compared to air and land transportation. Especially for long-distance transportation of large quantities of goods, the cost of sea transportation has a more significant advantage.
②Suitable for large-volume transportation
Sea transport can transport a large amount of goods at one time, unlike air transport and land transport which can only transport a small amount of goods. Therefore, many sellers now transport large quantities of goods by sea transport.
③Safe and stable
The safety advantages of maritime transportation are mainly reflected in aspects such as loading and unloading, transportation, navigation and stability. The transportation environment at sea is relatively stable, and there is no danger of collision or rollover. GPS positioning and tracking can ensure the safety of goods.
④Stable aging
The whole sea voyage takes about 30 days, with high timeliness and stability and strong time controllability.
⑤Transportation type
Maritime transportation has a wide range of types. Whether it is large equipment or small commercial goods, whether it is bulk goods or full containers and cargo, it can be transported through dedicated ocean lines. The dedicated ocean lines will also provide special packaging and protection for different types of goods. Measures to ensure the safety of goods during transportation

In general, Canadian ocean shipping is a low-cost, large-volume shipping method with global coverage. However, before carrying out sea transportation, you still need to make a budget plan and pay attention to the packaging of goods, so as to ensure the efficiency and low cost of sea transportation.

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