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European International Parcel is a fast and economical way of international mailing, especially suitable for sending small items. Especially now that many sellers want to save transportation costs and avoid risks, European International Parcel is a good choice.
European international small parcels refer to items whose weight is within 2KG and whose maximum size does not exceed 900ml. They are sent by express delivery to postal services in Europe and other countries using international postal protocols.
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①Affordable price: Compared with other international express delivery services, European international small parcel prices are more favorable and suitable for sellers to send smaller goods;
②Wide shipping range: European international small parcels can be sent to Europe and other countries, and have a wide range of applications;
③Fast time: European international small parcels use express delivery during the delivery process, which is relatively fast and usually reaches the destination within 5-15 working days.
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Advantages of European small parcel line:

①Price advantage
Compared with other logistics methods, the price of the European small parcel line is more affordable, its price is relatively cheaper and more stable, and it is more suitable for sellers’ needs for bulk shipments. In addition, the European small parcel line has the characteristics of price transparency and stability. Sellers can budget logistics costs in advance and reduce economic risks caused by fluctuations in logistics costs;
②Policy advantages
European small parcel lines have certain advantages due to policy support. Most countries in Europe have established separate import tax rates for small parcel lines. Compared with general express transportation, the European small parcel line has a higher customs clearance success rate and a lower cargo detention rate, making it a more preferred logistics method for sellers. In addition, driven by trade liberalization, the European Union has provided preferential tariffs and tax rates for cross-border e-commerce small parcel services. Sellers can enjoy preferential policies when choosing European small parcel lines.
③Reliability advantage
The European small parcel line is equipped with professional logistics personnel to ensure the safety and tracking of parcels. Compared with express delivery service providers, European small parcel lines have stricter control over logistics links, making logistics information more transparent and achieving good logistics destination tracking and transportation record tracks. In addition, the European Small Parcel Line also adopts a cut-in customs declaration model in terms of customs clearance, which effectively reduces the cost of package document preparation and customs declaration time, allowing sellers to feel more at ease when receiving their goods.
④Service advantages
The European small parcel line also has unique features in terms of services.It provides sellers with standardized services, including one-stop services from domestic returns, unpacking and inspection, distribution and sorting, international transportation, destination customs clearance, and delivery. Sellers can choose corresponding supporting services through a one-stop service combination without having to find multiple logistics service providers by themselves, thereby reducing the seller’s business management burden and improving the logistics quality of packages.

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