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What is an oversized product?
Oversized products refer to goods that are large in size and weight and cannot be disassembled or assembled. These goods include large machinery and equipment, industrial equipment, heavy machinery, aerospace equipment, energy equipment, building structures, etc., which require the use of special vehicles. To transport large items.

Why does oversized logistics exist?
Due to the size and weight limitations of oversized products, these goods cannot be transported by ordinary transportation methods and require special logistics solutions and professional equipment to meet their transportation needs. This is why the existence of oversized logistics is inevitable.

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The transportation methods of oversized items in Europe are mainly divided into two methods, one is sea transportation and the other is land transportation (air transportation is also available, but because the cost of air transportation is too high, generally customers will choose sea transportation or land transportation)
Sea transportation: After the goods arrive at the destination port, they are transferred to inland areas or ports through consolidation, unpacking, etc. This method is suitable for transporting larger items, such as household appliances such as refrigerators, and large machinery such as cars.
Railway transportation
Land transportation: Land transportation is divided into railway transportation and truck transportation.
Railway transportation: There are special bulk cargo railway train lines abroad, and these special trains will undergo strict inspection and screening before loading. Because this kind of freight train has strong carrying capacity, fast speed and low price, it is one of the methods of international transportation. However, its disadvantage is that it cannot provide customized services according to customer requirements;
Truck transportation: Truck transportation is a mode of transportation that starts from inland China and then exits from various ports in Xinjiang, along the international intercontinental highway route to Europe. Because trucks are faster, have larger space, and are more affordable (compared to air transportation) In terms of price, it is nearly half cheaper and the timeliness is not much different from that of air freight), and the number of restricted products is small, so this has become a popular way for sellers to transport oversized products.

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