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The Russian special line refers to the direct logistics transportation between Russia and China, that is, the direct logistics transportation methods such as air, sea, land and rail transportation from China to Russia.
Generally, the Russian special line will provide services such as double-clearance tax package, door-to-door delivery, etc., covering the entire territory of Russia, and will be delivered quickly by the local area.
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① Sea freight: Sea freight is one of the most commonly used transportation methods from China to Russia. Typically, goods are loaded into containers from Chinese ports and then transported by sea to Russian ports. The advantage of this method is that the transportation cost is relatively low, and it is suitable for large quantities of goods. But in fact, the disadvantage of sea transportation is that the transportation time is longer, and the shelf life and delivery time of the goods need to be considered.
Railway transportation: Railway transportation is another common transportation method from China to Russia. The goods will be loaded into railway containers from the freight station in China, and then transported by rail to the freight station in Russia. The advantage of rail transportation is that it is relatively fast and suitable for medium-volume cargo transportation. However, the disadvantage of rail transportation is that the transportation cost is high, and the weight and volume of the goods need to be taken into account.
Sea-rail combined transport: Sea-rail combined transport is a mode of transportation that combines sea and rail transport. The goods will be loaded into containers from Chinese ports, then transported by sea to Russian ports, and then transported to their destination by rail. The advantages of this method can make full use of the advantages of sea and rail transportation, improve transportation efficiency and reduce costs. However, the disadvantage of sea-rail combined transport is that it needs to take into account the transshipment and transit time of the goods, as well as the possible loss and damage of the goods
Sino-Russian railway transportation route: Shenzhen, Yiwu (cargo collection, container loading)—Zhengzhou. Depart from Xi’an and Chengdu — Horgos (port of exit) — Kazakhstan — Moscow (customs clearance, transshipment, distribution) — other cities in Russia.
 Air freight: Air freight is another fast and reliable logistics method to Russia, which is suitable for goods with high time requirements. Commonly used airports include Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport, St. Petersburg Pulkovo Airport, etc
⑤ Automobile transportation: The Russian automobile special line refers to the goods from China to Russia, which are sent to Russia by land transportation, mainly by automobile transportation. The route is to leave the country from the port of Heilongjiang Province in China in the form of automobile transportation, and then transship after customs clearance at the Russian port To major cities in Russia, the timeliness of truck transportation is a little longer than that of air transportation.

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