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British Trucks Freight refers to a land transportation mode that uses large trucks as a means of transportation to collect goods from China, load them into containers, and then transport the goods to the United Kingdom. In short, it means using a car to transport a container of goods throughout the entire journey. , logistics methods of transport to the UK along highways and intercontinental roads by truck.
As the number of international exports of goods continues to increase, the development of British special lines has become more and more comprehensive. With the maturity and stability of British air dispatch, British Railways, and European Trucks Freight, British Trucks Freight has also gradually stabilized, with extremely high cost performance and faster timeliness than railways. Half the price, but the price is only half of that of British air dispatch, and it has gradually become the first choice for exporting goods.
British Trucks Freight’s route : Shenzhen loading–Xinjiang Alashankou/Baktu/Khorgos port exit–Kazakhstan–Russia–Belarus–Poland–UK regulatory warehouse.

British Trucks Freight

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Advantages of British Trucks Freight:
①Low transportation cost, only half of the air freight price;
②Can be shipped in large quantities, saving costs, and can be delivered to your door with double clearance and tax included;
③There are few restrictions on goods and a wide range of products that can be transported;
④Fast and stable timeliness, sufficient transportation capacity, flexible deployment, load and go, fixed route transportation, fast and convenient;
⑤High safety, fast logistics inquiry, each vehicle is equipped with GPS, the driver can be contacted, and the information can be known in real time actual transportation conditions;
⑥Integrated customs clearance and release, electronic customs declaration and one-stop service, reflecting the advantages of double clearance and tax package.
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British Trucks Freight special line process:
①The customer packs and labels the products as required, confirms the delivery time and transportation method with our business, and informs our business to choose British Trucks Freight for delivery;
②The customer sends the goods to our designated warehouse or we arrange a vehicle to pick up the goods;
③After the goods arrive at the warehouse, the business will confirm the relevant information and data with the customer and confirm the delivery channel;
④After the order is cut off, the loading will be arranged uniformly, and the truck will be dispatched directly after loading is completed;
⑤After the truck is transported to Xinjiang, the export declaration data will be unified, and then the whole container will be refitted through the gantry crane;
⑥The truck passes through Kazakhstan, Russia, and Belarus and then passes through European countries until it reaches the British regulatory warehouse;
⑦After the customs clearance in the supervision warehouse is completed, the goods will be delivered to the local logistics company for pickup and delivery to the corresponding address.

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