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The European and American special line is a point-to-point transportation freight logistics service line from China to European and American countries, that is, the European and American special line, which usually includes domestic customs clearance, foreign customs clearance, tax payment and other services, double-clearance to door, and one-ticket door-to-door service.

Fast aging and low comprehensive price.

The European and American special line is also the freight method chosen by cross-border e-commerce.

Currently, the European and American special line has four modes: air freight, sea freight, rail freight, and China-Europe Truck.

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There are many transportation channels: such as sea freight, air freight, international express, international parcels, and China-Europe trains.

  • European and American shipping

The first journey is exported by sea, from domestic to European and American ports, and then sent to the Amazon warehouse after customs clearance/lifting/dismantling the cabinets, and the final delivery is by truck or express. It is suitable for goods with large volume and less urgent timeliness.

  • European and American air transport

Arrive at the destination airport in Europe and the United States by air, clear customs, pick up the goods, and deliver them to the final destination by truck or express. Usually FBA warehouse.

  • Railway Express

The China-Europe Railway Express is the main line of China-Europe railway container transportation from China to Europe. It is an international container railway intermodal train along the Belt and Road. The transportation time is short, the cost is low, and the stability is higher compared with air and sea transportation.

  • International Express

The goods are directly delivered by air to European and American warehouses by the four major international express delivery companies UPS\FEDEX\DHL\TNT. The timeliness is fast and it is suitable for emergency replenishment.

Specific information

  • First flight by air

The first achievement of air freight refers to the air transport of goods to the destination. It is necessary to pay attention to the magnetic inspection report at the airport for the first air freight.

  • Destination customs clearance

Let us give you an example here. Let us take the United States as an example. When clearing customs in the United States, a customs clearance company and an importer with a trading company as the name are usually required to clear the goods. The customs clearance process takes about 1 -2 working days.

  • Destination transshipment

Destination transshipment means that after arriving in a certain country, destination delivery is generally divided into truck delivery and local express delivery companies such as UPS/DHL/DPD.

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