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What is European sea freight?
European sea freight refers to a logistics method for transporting goods from China and other places to various European countries. It is an economical and affordable transportation method because the cost of sea freight is relatively low and large quantities of goods can be transported at one time.

①European shipping costs are low, which can help customers save logistics costs;
②Although the transportation time is long, large quantities of goods can be transported at one time;
③Maritime transportation is relatively environmentally friendly and conforms to the green environmental protection concept of modern society;
④Comprehensive services can be provided, including cargo loading and unloading, warehousing, customs declaration, distribution and other services. Freight forwarders can provide customized services according to customer needs to ensure smooth transportation of goods to their destinations.

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1.Transportation route:
European shipping lines usually cover many major ports and destination cities, such as Hamburg, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Liverpool, Le Havre, etc. The goods depart from the origin port in China or other countries, are transported by sea, arrive at the destination port in Europe, and are then distributed by land transportation or other methods.

2.Transportation time:
Shipping times for European sea freight lines are usually longer, generally taking a few weeks to a month. The specific transportation time depends on the distance between the origin port and the destination port, as well as the shipping company’s route and sailing schedule. In addition, factors such as season and weather may also have an impact on shipping time.

3.Transportation method:
European shipping lines mainly use container transportation. Goods are usually loaded into standard containers and then transported by container ships. This method protects the goods from damage and loss and provides convenient loading, unloading and transshipment.

4.Transportation type:
European dedicated shipping lines travel between China and Europe. China is a major exporter. In addition to transporting some crude oil, natural gas and other products, many companies also transport some consumer goods, such as textiles, home appliances, cosmetics and medical equipment.

5.Transportation costs:
The cost of European sea freight lines is usually determined by multiple factors, including the weight and volume of the goods, the distance between the origin port and the destination port, the shipping company’s freight rate, etc. Costs usually include transportation fees, port fees, insurance, etc. Our company has been focusing on European logistics exports for 5 years. Customers can negotiate the cost with our company and choose the plan that best suits their needs and budget.

6. Customs clearance and delivery:
After the goods arrive at the destination port, customs clearance procedures are required. Customers need to provide relevant customs clearance documents and certificates in order to successfully pass customs inspection. Once the goods are cleared, our company will arrange the delivery of the goods and deliver them to the destination.

All in all, European sea freight has a high cost performance and is especially suitable for transporting large quantities, weight and volume of goods.

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