International air freight forwarder to USA

In early 2022, the export air freight market in Europe and the United States is booming, and air freight space is hard to find. We assist Tonsam international logistics co., LTD., help clients cooperation for many years to solve a serious problem, he will need a batch of 350 CBM / 60000 KGS / 190 PLTS / 23697 CTNS of three kinds of inflammable liquid card board specifications within 14 days for delivery of goods to the hands of the customer, if the goods have not on time delivery, The client will not only be liable for a hefty fine, but will also lose a major customer of the level of a world-class chain. The bigger problem is that this batch of goods still has three days to produce, and it also takes one day for truck transport from the factory to Shenzhen. In the remaining time, dangerous goods need to be packaged. Label, declaration, dangerous package certificate, commodity inspection, warehousing and other matters. Before we reply to the scheme, the factory has been rejected by numerous freight forwarders on the grounds of lack of corresponding shipping space or lack of dangerous goods transport experience and qualification. 


According to the information provided by the customer, our company negotiated the plan with China Southern Airlines.

After discussion, the airline company decided to cancel the right to use all the agent slots of the nearest all-cargo flight from Shenzhen to Chicago, and temporarily allocated all the slots of this flight to us for corresponding plan.

At the time of the customer's despair, after receiving our customized plan, the fire of hope was kindled again.

Finally, through hardships and hardships, the delivery was completed as scheduled.

Review of the case:

The goods arrived at our warehouse in batches within two days, but after the arrival of the first batch of goods, the warehouse colleagues found two problems:

1. The size of the printed labels on the outer boxes is lower than the IA TA DGR requirements, so the labels need to be changed again. There are more than 20,000 pieces of goods in this batch, and four labels should be affixed to each outer box.

2. The factory is far from Shenzhen, and some outer boxes of goods were damaged during transportation, so the number of backup UN cartons provided by the factory is not enough to replace. At this time, there are four days before the flight takes off. We need to complete all the problems within three days, which is a huge project.


After more than ten colleagues in the warehouse worked hard day and night for three days, and finally finished the work before delivery.

More than 80,000 labels were processed and all packages damaged during truck transportation were technically replaced. All pallets were repackaged and delivered to the international cargo station in batches.

The goods shall be delivered to the international cargo station, inspected and released by the customs, and transferred to the supervision warehouse for air loading.

Early morning charter flight, 19 bills of lading, all goods were successfully cleared, our company successfully assisted the customer to complete a difficult task.