Logistics and freight forwarding between China and Europe

In January 2020, the COVID-19 epidemic broke out in China and domestic epidemic prevention supplies were scarce. Overseas Chinese from Europe and the United States bought local supplies and donated them to China. The Bekari company came to us and wanted us to transport them back from Spain. Our company finally decided to declare and ship the epidemic prevention materials donated by overseas Chinese back to China free of charge and set up a "guardian project team" overnight. We first confirmed the quantity of epidemic prevention materials with overseas compatriots, urgently contacted the local customs clearance company, asked the airline company to book space, and asked compatriots to help transport the materials back to the domestic airport. After the plane landed, our company immediately carried out customs clearance and inventory of the goods. Personnel were arranged to pick up the goods from Beijing airport and quickly deliver them to Wuhan, Zhejiang and other hard-hit areas.


In the second half of 2021, after the outbreak of the epidemic abroad, our company once again donated free supplies to overseas Chinese. After our company contacted and negotiated with overseas compatriots, our "guardian project team" "dispatched" again. We urgently contacted domestic factories of epidemic prevention supplies and informed them of the reasons. When the factory managers heard about our move, they also prioritized our orders to ensure the safety of our overseas compatriots. After we placed the order, while the factory worked overtime to complete our order, we also contacted with domestic airlines and tried to arrange the fastest flight for transportation. After that, we will contact foreign customs clearance companies for customs clearance, contact truck teams for delivery and transportation, and the association of overseas compatriots will uniformly issue.

Whether from foreign transportation of epidemic prevention materials back to China or from domestic to foreign, we have done our best to complete each step and supervise the progress of each link, which not only reflects our logistics and transportation ability, but also reflects the patriotic heart of our domestic and foreign compatriots, we work together, hand in hand, run together towards a goal.