Brazil levies a 17% turnover tax on cross-border e-commerce platforms

1. Lazada’s full hosting business will open the Philippine site this month

 According to news on June 6, the Lazada Fully Managed Business Investment Conference was successfully held in Shenzhen.Lazada revealed that the Philippine site (local + cross-border) and other sites (cross-border) will be opened in June;other sites (local) will be opened in July-August.Sellers can choose to enter the domestic warehouse  (Dongguan) for cross-border delivery, or choose to enter the local warehouse (currently the Philippines is open, and other sites are to be  opened) for local delivery.The logistics cost of warehousing, that is,the first-leg logistics cost will be borne by the seller,and the follow-up will  be borne by the platform. At the same time, the cost of return and exchange is currently borne by the platform. 

2. AliExpress promises five-day delivery service to Korean users

According to news on June 6, AliExpress, an international e-commerce company under Alibaba, has upgraded its delivery guarantee in South Korea, guaranteeing fast delivery within 5 days, and users who fail to  meet the standard can receive cash coupons. AliExpress ships orders from its warehouse in Weihai, China, and Korean users can receive their packages within three to five days of placing an order, according to Ray Zhang, head of AliExpress Korea. In addition, AliExpress is considering plans to build local logistics infrastructure in South Korea to “achieve same-day and next-day delivery.”


3. eBay US station launches the 2023 Up&Running subsidy program

On June 6, the eBay US station announced that it will officially launch the 2023 Up&Running subsidy program.From June 2 through Friday,June 9, 2023 at 6 p.m. ET,small business sellers can apply for the Up & Running grant, which includes $10,000 in cash, technology grants,   and business acceleration coaching.

4. Brazil has decided to uniformly impose a 17% turnover tax on cross-border e-commerce platforms

According to news on June 6, the Financial Secretary Committee (Comsefaz) of the states and federal districts in Brazil unanimously decided to uniformly charge a 17% commodity and service turnover tax (ICMS) on foreign goods on online retail platforms. The policy has been formally submitted to the Brazilian Ministry of Finance.

André Horta, director of the committee, said that as part of the government’s “tax compliance plan”, the 17% ICMS flat tax rate for overseas online shopping goods has not yet entered into force, because the implementation of this measure also requires a formal goods and  services turnover tax ( ICMS) to change the terms. He added that the   ”lowest common tax rate” of 17 per cent was chosen because the rates applied vary from state to state.”Common tax rate” refers to the most common level of taxation by the Brazilian government on domestic or interstate transactions of a particular product or service. The Brazilian government said that what they most want to see is that in the future, users of international online shopping platforms in Brazil will include ICMS in the prices they see when placing orders on websites or software.


5. Maersk and Hapag-Lloyd announced an increase in GRI for this route

 According to news on June 6, Maersk and Hapag-Lloyd successively issued notices to increase the GRI of the India-North America route.

 Maersk announced the adjustment of GRI from India to North America. From June 25, Maersk will impose a GRI of $800 per 20-foot box,$1,000 per 40-foot box and $1,250 per 45-foot box on all types of cargo from India to the US East Coast and Gulf Coast.

 Hapag-Lloyd announced that it will increase its GRI from the Middle   East and Indian subcontinent to North America from July 1. The new GRI will apply to 20-foot and 40-foot dry containers, refrigerated containers, and special containers (including tall cabinet equipment), with an additional rate of US$500 per container. The rate adjustment will apply to routes from India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Iraq to the United States and Canada.

Post time: Jun-07-2023