Why do products exported from China have to be labeled Made in China?

“Made in China” is a Chinese origin label that is affixed or printed on the outer packaging of goods to indicate the country of origin of the goods to facilitate consumers to understand the origin of the product.“Made in China” is like our residence ID card, proving our identity information; it can also play a role in tracing history during customs inspection. Marking the place of origin is actually common sense. Most imported and exported products will have this requirement, and the customs department also has regulations in this regard.

Depending on the intensity of customs inspection, sometimes the requirements for labeling are not very strict, so there will be cases where goods can be cleared normally without origin labels. However, this situation is only an occasional incident in the short term. We still recommend that everyone When exporting goods, a Made in China origin mark must be affixed.

If the seller’s goods are shipped to the United States, you should pay more attention to the issue of the origin label. The United States has been strictly checking the origin labels of goods since August 2016. Goods without such labels will be returned or detained and destroyed, which will cause a lot of losses to customers. In addition to the United States, the Middle East, the European Union, South America and other regions also have similar regulations when it comes to customs clearance for imported goods.

If the goods are shipped to the United States, whether it is an Amazon warehouse, an overseas warehouse or a private address, a “Made in China” origin label must be affixed. It should be noted here that US customs regulations can only use English to mark the origin. If it is a “Made in China” origin label, it does not meet the requirements of US customs.

Post time: Oct-21-2023