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Truck Freight is actually truck shipping, a mode of transportation that uses large trucks as a whole to deliver goods from China to Europe. In the past, sea freight was the cheapest way of transporting goods between China and Europe, followed by rail freight, and air freight was the most expensive. If you calculate the “door-to-door” time for goods from Guangdong to Europe, it takes about 40 days for sea transportation, about 30 days for railway transportation, and about 4 to 9 natural days for air transportation. Before the passage of Truck Freight, there was no shipping time limit of about 2 weeks. However, China-EU Truck Freight can reach about 12 working days (that is, 13-15 natural days), which is equivalent to the price of trucks and realizes the timeliness close to that of air freight, so everyone calls it “truck flight”. A way of transporting goods from China to Europe, such as China-Europe Truck Freight under the Belt and Road Initiative. Compared with air freight, Truck Freight has a slower timeliness than air freight, but compared with sea freight and railway freight, it is not only fast but also very stable.
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ShenZhen(Loading in)–XinJiang(Outbound)–Kazakhstan–Russia–Belarus–Poland/Belgium(Customs Clearance)–UPS–Delivery to the customers.
China-Europe Truck Freight loads the vehicle from ShenZhen, and after loading, it goes to Alashankou, Xinjiang to declare and exit the country. The outbound freight passes through Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus and other countries, and arrives in Poland/Germany for customs clearance for terminal delivery. The terminal is delivered by DPD/GLS/UPS express , to overseas warehouses, Amazon warehouses, private addresses, commercial addresses, etc.


 1. Low transportation cost: In the European cross-border logistics market, the price of China-Europe Truck Freight is at a relatively low level, only about half of the air freight price, which can save a lot of freight costs for sellers;


2. Fast shipping timeliness: China-EU Truck Freight is a high-speed transport of heavy-duty cargo trucks, and the logistics timeliness is very fast. The fastest delivery can be signed for within 14 days, providing logistics timeliness comparable to international air freight;


3. Sufficient shipping space: China-Europe Truck Freight has sufficient shipping space. Whether it is the logistics off-season or the logistics peak season, it can deliver goods stably without rowing or bursting;


4. Convenient customs clearance: Relying on the International Road Transport Convention, you can travel unimpeded in countries that also implement the TIR Convention with only one document, without repeated customs clearance in multiple countries, and customs clearance is convenient. In addition, Truck Freight also provides double-clearance services, and the goods arrive in Europe with convenient customs clearance and strong customs clearance capabilities;


5. Various types of freight: China-Europe Truck Freight is a truck transporter, and the types of goods received are relatively loose. Items such as live electricity, liquids, and supporting batteries are all acceptable, and can undertake a variety of types of goods.


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